Friday, October 1, 2010

Test run

Greetings from Wellington

It is a sunny Saturday after a rain laden, sodden, land slip ridden week of wetness.

I am busying myself with technology related stuff since it is the term break and I am thinking it is really professional development. That's fair.

The next edition of Quake is about to roll off the tips of my fingers but I thought I'd just see how this would work as an alternative medium

Bye for now

Dr Quake


  1. Dr. Quake is the spitting image of .... no, no, it couldn't be the TLC Kid. By the way, is that a wine glass, or horse trough? That would made me 'quake' just trying to lift it.

  2. Hi Nick
    Yes it's the TLC Kid in person
    And yes that is one big wine glass - the place is Arabba in the Dolomites and it was a very wintry day outside - a 2 bottle lunch and short afternoon if I recall. And I dont recall that well really.